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Can Reality TV Dating Shows teach us Lessons about Love?

Can Reality TV Dating Shows teach us Lessons about Love?

Lots of us are daily exposed to various types of reality shows based on how to find true love, what is true love and how to fight for it. But how much truth is there in that? Is this all realistic and what we should expect? These reality shows show us very high expectations while we live in a completely different World that is far from it and we wonder how we will find someone like this? I decided to explore the answer to that question.

Can Reality TV Dating Shows teach us Lessons about Love? Reality culture teach us love that derives from jealousy, drama, frivolousness, physical attraction, but the reality is that love based on these things fails. Love is patient, kind, trustworthy, does not impose and therefore persevere. This is the love we should strive for in our relationships.

All that we are looking at in Reality Shows is very tempting and told in a really exciting way, but it is far from true love, and what we are looking for in the end. True love is based on forgiveness, goodness, trust, understanding, and giving, because as long as we are with one another and as long as we are good to each other, it’s not love. That is some kind of justice. Truelove is based on when one side sins against the other, whether that person is willing to forgive. Love is a sacrifice.

While Reality Shows show us love as a drama where everything is allowed. Everything is based on lying to each other, jealousy, hatred and even killing. But is this the way you show to someone you care about someone? Jealousy and ego are the biggest enemies of the relationship.

Proof that most of reality TV shows can’t teach us about Love!

„The Bachelorette“ (popular American reality show of 2003)- a proof that most of reality TV shows can NOT teach us what it’s like to love.

Suddenly I wanted what the Bachelorette has: the handsome 20-year-old guy who is obsessed while traveling the world and spending time in luxurious outfits. I can not resist them, like most of my generation. I found myself doing something that many girls of my age work on Monday night watching Bachelorette (“Perfect Bride”). I’ve only seen a few episodes, and everyone talks about it, so why not look at it?Fortunately, I caught a tense episode, so I watched the next, impatiently waiting for what would happen. As a person who has been struggling to understand what it is like to love, and who is eager to wait for someone to love me, I quickly realized that Bachelorette, and most of the reality show, is not something we should look for directions from for more reasons.

What is Actually the Message of TV Realty Shows?

Stories, gorgeous outbursts, physical attraction, jealousy,drama – that Bachelorette should bring “love”, and millions of young people fall into it. I paused and thought – did I want my relationship to be based on it? In reality, very few relationships from the show succeed because true love should not be based on fantasy, and I know many young people,including myself, are fighting with it.

And me, like many young people, fell on love shown on television. It is hard to resist something so deeply rooted in our culture. I wanted to go to luxurious parties and have dramatic conversations. That means being in relationship, is it? Too many young people agree with that. Everywhere we look, some new celebrities come into contact and interrupt them. We see their expensive parties and gifts they give their better half. Glory and frivolity make it attractive to people who seek love, but so many broken hearts remain, lonely and empty.

What Can We Learn From Love Reality Shows?

According to our reality culture, love arises from jealousy,drama, frivolousness, physical attractiveness and ability to be close to many people at once, but the reality is that love based on these things fails. The love that works is what we you sacrifice for other person. Love is patient, kind,trustworthy, envious, not shy, does not impose, and therefore persevere. This is the love we should strive for in our relationships.

How do you stay emotionally calm while we are waiting for true love?

• Do not watch TV Shows that manipulate your realization of true love. Fortunately, there are still shows which are useful to watch.
• If you still look at them, understand that relationships and love are not just attraction, drama, and sobriety.
• Remember that it’s just TV show and that such things, gifts do not have to be expected in real life
• Pay attention to how much hate and jealousy TV Reality Shows shown versus love and forgiveness.

The way in which reality television shows a quest for love will almost always leave us empty and broken hearts, because we will never be satisfied with the things of this world. It is time for us to make our relationships more tempting and attractive.

Can reality TV dating shows teach us any positive lessons about love?

The popularity of such dating reality TV shows illustrates a distinct trend in our media consumption. But can these shows teach us any positive lessons about love? To have a good relationship, however,viewers gain little to nothing from dating reality TV shows. “I think any show that shows competition of women is really toxic for anyone’s love life,”.“Women get in good relationships with men because they have good relationships with women.”

Essentially all modern dating reality TV shows have shown the opposite. But that must be because someone — in this genre that “someone” is overwhelmingly heterosexual women — wants to see it. And while no modern daters give or withhold actual roses at the end of a first date, they do essentially make the same decision about who they want to keep dating.

Reality TV shows can encourage viewers to priorities the relationships they currently have and hope to have in their lives. “Everyone on those shows gives up so much of their time and their normal life to be on it, and that is a way that they are making love such a huge priority in their lives,” she explained. Though she acknowledges the contestants actual intentions often vary, she still believes viewers can take away something from their example.

Participation in TV Reality Shows Can be a Bad Idea

As with relationships, we get the television programming we think we deserve. “I think if anyone wants to actually find love, they have to do whatever it takes to stop inputting into their brain unloving messages from TV, magazines, family, friends,” Chrisler concludes. “If you don’t turn these shows on … maybe you’ll go for a walk, maybe you’ll call a friend, maybe you’ll take this class you’ve always wanted to take, or maybe you’ll meet somebody.”

As hundreds of people who have subjected themselves to romantic rejection on national television know all too well, you can’t accept a rose you weren’t given. Perhaps the better lesson is not to wait around for a single rose, but to go out and smell as many as you want.

Conclusion: You don’t have to give up your favorite show, so long as you remember to give your real life the spotlight it deserves.

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Is it Dangerous to Participate in TV Reality Show? Depends on the person how dangerous it can be, but it certainly is not useful. The people who participate to such Shows are people who have the need to prove or escape from their reality. If their expectations are not fulfilled, they can suffer major consequences in real life.

Can You Really Find Love if You Participate in Love TV Shows? You can, but the chances of that are so flat as zero. Even those who find love in TV Shows, question is how long will their love survive. Because statistics show that you are more likely to get on the lottery than to find the true love.

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