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How to Find a Date in Your 30s

How to Find a Date in Your 30s

When we talk about dating in your 30s, we’ve come to a conclusion that we need to understand two main things: Dating in your 30s as a man and dating in your 30s as a woman can be a totaly different experience. Also, when you’re at school or university, you have the feeling that dating is the major thing and that it’s on everyone’s minds. But dating in your 30s can be challenging, especially when you look at all your friends who are settling down. So let’s tak about how to find someone in your 30s.

So How to Find a Date in Your 30s? Finding a partner in your 30s is more difficult than in the younger days, because your criteria are getting stronger with time. So the first thing you have to do is to get out of the house and start looking at places Sport Events, parties, festivals, coffes shops etc..

Many people in their 30s feel great – they are good health, they have mostly achieved something in life, both on a business and private level. However, there are those with 30s who still do not have a permanent partner, and feel somewhat insecure. By the way, in 30s it is already hard to find a partner. By the principle – if you are beautiful, smart and successful, how is that that nobody wants you? Why you do not have a stable relationship then in those years, what’s the problem? Many people will think that way, mostly forgetting the fact that they are also in similar position with age and are also alone. Additionally, if you do not have a permanent partner in your 30s, man may feel insecure, even if he is successful in other areas in life.

Ways to Find Partner in Your 30s

Somehow when you are in your 20s and all the way to your 30s, you’re not straining to find youre soulmate, you do not go out to meet someone, you go out to have fun with your friends, until the moment when you move from your 20s to your 30s. I must admit that finding a soulmate in your 30s is not a easy task, considering that you are a built person, having a low tolerance, and you have the less single friends with whom you would go out. Most of them are in long relationships, which are closer to a marriage and kids every day, but do not let that discourage you. We are all unique and we can not find a compatible partner at the same time, but I will give you some useful tips how to acquire new acquaintances or friends, from which one day maybe something more develops. And now, let’s get to the point, and the first thing you have to do is to get out of the house. Do not expect to meet someone in the store or while lying on a couch in a pants, with a box of popcorn. Chances exists, but better go out amongst people.


where you can get to meet someone is a job. If there is an opportunity for you to meet someone or that someone recommends you, rather than just a colleague. To have fun with a colleague you need courage, but what does not. The job is a changing category and this does not mean that you will have the same business space all the time.

Some type of Course:

here I would put some type of cooking, dancing or foreign language course, which is in line with what you really want, and not to force that course if you don’t like it. Here you will have plenty of occasional situations to get to know a lot of new people and join them simultaneously. The bad side of this way of metting new people is that people after the course mostly rush each on their side, but for this reason you set up from the start that you want to know them.


good old outs with one, maximum two friends.I emphasize what is the max number of friends with whom you can go out, because if you come out with ten of them, be sure no one will approach you (this applies to women in particular). When you are less, chances are bigger. Men should certainly approach and first open the groups where are girls, because they will not approach you, be sure of it.

Dating Apps:

On this list there is also a internet, which I recommend only if none of the previous ways does not succeed. Namely, on the Internet as one infinite virtual spacecraft can be faced with various sensitivities and unrestrained people. Technology gives us the power to show ourselves in much better light than we actually are and we use it promisingly. Also, there are few guys and men on the Internet who want a specific relationship, most of them there because of the short term.


When you look around, you can see that dating apps are most popular among Millennials. So spring is probably one of the best times to take a break from your dating apps, and take the opportunity to meet people through festival. Whether your friends don’t have the money or the time or interest in going with you to that amazing party, don’t let them dictate your faith. Best thing about festivals is that when you’re at a music festival, it’s likely that everyone will be in a great mood, and open to meeting other people. So if you are in position to go to a music festival, just go!

What are the Differences Between Finding Partner in your 20s and 30s?

The cons which you would not notice in your younger days on other people, now you take it into consideration and you do not rush in relationship so fast. It sounds paradoxically, but it is not excluded that a woman in their 50s feels safer in themselfs than a woman in their 30s – because at that age, at her 50, women have already confirmed on her plans, and the woman in her 30 didn’t. Today there are a large number of single people in their 30s, and a lot of them would love to find a partner which they could stay. The older you are, your life experience is richer and you gain wisdom. One of the important factors is that after 30, women begin to lie about their age for the first time, as well as some men also. Most of them do so because of the pressure of society that expects some things to be resolved in the 30’s.

Dating in Your 30s as a Men

Ah, this can be a painful topic for men in 30s. It’s also known as magical time. A time of transition and change. A time when you feel like you should have it all figured out, but somehow you just don’t yet. Men easy think of their 30s as simply the end of their 20s and continue. We need to get a male and a female perspective on what mistakes guys make often in their 30s, and with my experience I’ll try to let you know what to watch out when dating in your 30s is about. One of these things is, growing, but not maturing. We can notice that most guys haven’t learned much despite growing older, and they need to work on it. Another thing is that men assume that now they have more power and authority in life, and they expect that much younger women will flock to them, which is not true in most cases. Also the biggest mistake I see men make in their 30s, is walking away from amazing dating opportunities for the reason they are too busy working on their careers.

Dating in Your 30s as a Women

So how women navigate the dating world in their 30s and how they deal with outside and internal pressure which they encounter on a daily basis. This is a serious matter when women are concerned, they want to date. They want a relationship. Many women go for the thesis: Dating is f*cking hard — especially when they feel like you’ve “fallen behind” from your friends or you’re the last single person in your friend group. „Learning how to be alone has actually really helped many women to learn how to be a better friend and partner.“  By doing so, they know exactly who they are and what they want. If you should give some advice it would be not to settle. It’s easy to stay with an “ok” guy because all your friends are settling down. And the last thing I would say is; don’t waste your time on men who just want to play games or who are on a whole different wavelength than you. Just because they too might be in their 30s, doesn’t mean they’re in the same place as you are.


This is where I end this list, and finally the most important advice. Getting to know a soulmate is simply happening and can not be spelled out, but as long as it sounds faded, it happens when you stop so much to work around it and move too fast. Then when you are relaxed and spread positive vibrations, then you draw a special one and then the magic begins. Although true love usually is followed by strong emotions, love can’t be identified with the feeling of floating on the clouds. The relationship will not last long if it is based only on feelings. Also the biggest mistake I see men make in their 30s, is walking away from amazing dating opportunities for the reason they are too busy working on their careers. And for women, just because they too might be in their 30s, doesn’t mean they’re in the same place as you are. If i left something, feel free to comment below.

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